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Golf Cart Hawaii has Lithium Ion batteries now available!

The same remarkable battery technology that is sweeping the auto industry is now available for golf carts. Our trained technicians can upgrade your cart in no time! These batteries extend the range of your golf cart, reduce weight, and last over 10 years or more than 5000 cycles.  More lithium battery pack highlights:

  • Sealed enclosed case, does not leak acid, eliminating damaging corrosion to your carts frame.

  • Lithium packs are much lighter, 90 lbs vs 450 lbs of  lead acid batteries. This is easier on your carts controller and motor. Also, reduced weight makes the cart more responsive and nimble.

  • Lithium packs store more energy than lead acid batteries which will provide more motor torque while also doubling the range of your cart.

  • The Lithium battery surpasses the traditional lead acid battery in cost performance and maintenance.

     With greater run time, longer life, and lower maintenance the lithium battery could not be better 

    suited for our area.  Many of our part-time customers store their carts for long periods of time when they are not on island. In their absence the batteries don’t get charged or watered often resulting in damage to the battery pack. The Lithium Ion battery needs no water, and only has to be charged a few times a year while in storage!

Is Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Conversion difficult on my cart?

NO. It is super easy! When using Lithium batteries, you will need less total batteries to achieve the same amount of power with your cart… so you may have extra space under your seat after the install. If this bugs your OCD side, you can order some cheap battery blanks from us to fill the extra space.

Should I make the switch to Lithium on my golf cart?

If you already need to replace your batteries, the short answer is: Yes, absolutely.But if your current batteries are working fine, there is no urgent need to switch. there are many benefits to making the switch; so we would suggest you weigh the benefits of lithium outlined above to decide if they are worth replacing your Lead-Acid batteries with.

Small in size Big on power

Lithium Vs Lead Acid

3,500 Charges

40 Mile Range

Charger Time:

1-3 Hours

900 Charges

25 Mile range

Charge Time:

8-12 Hours

Holds charge

6 Months

Holds Charge

60 Days

Total Weight

95.2 Lbs

Total Weight

300-400 Lbs

Life Expectancy

9 years

Life Expectancy

4-6 years

5 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

For more information and frequently asked questions about this product please visit the FAQ page or contact us at 808-871-5051.

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