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Golf Cart Hawaii’s new line of street legal, low speed vehicles, and

Introducing the E-Land GOAT 4×4

Golf Cart Hawaii is the first street legal, electric Low Speed Vehicle manufacturer in the state of Hawaii. E-Land is the newest line of vehicles now available on the island of Maui.

The GOAT is the first completely off-road cart made to

handle Maui’s toughest terrain. It has dual 5kw AC motors with independent suspension for a smooth ride over all surfaces. Complete with a 105ah 72 volt lithium battery, the GOAT is powered to move and quiet when compared to other gas 4×4 carts. The 3000lb electric winch and front brush guard come standard on all models. Additional features include bucket seats and custom roll bars for added durability and safety. Whether you use it to hunt, farm or have fun off-road with your family, the GOAT is Maui’s 4×4 workhorse.

E-Land Models

GOAT 4X4 w/Cargo

GOAT 4X4 Plus


E-Land Classic 4 AC

E-land Turfman AC

Paint Colors













All Terrain Asset

From the everyday gardener needing a lift around their property to a commercial landscaping or construction company with large loads to transport, the E-Land Turfman is your versatile workhorse. This cart’s unique characteristics include a strong aluminum-hydraulic dump bed with fold-down rails allowing for maximum efficiency and ease of use for the cart operator.

Street Legal Requirements

Rear View Mirror
Seat belts
Turn Signals

Golf Cart Hawaii is dedicated to offering top quality products with competitive prices and first class customer service. This includes the labor intensive process to register the carts as LSV (Low Speed Vehicles).


To meet the street legal requirements for the State of Hawaii, a cart must come equipped with safety features including lights and seatbelts, but most importantly, needs to have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) issued by the manufacturer. You cannot upgrade an older cart that wasn’t built with a VIN number from the factory.



Additional fees are required to register and plate a cart in Maui County, including paying the state import tax, registration fees, safety inspection charge, and providing temporary insurance coverage. Please note the process takes 3-4 weeks and costs an additional $1095 per cart. Golf Cart Hawaii will complete this process for you before the final sale of the cart upon request so your cart will be delivered or picked up ready to, legally, hit the roads.

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