Evolution Low Speed Vehicle Inspections

Golf Cart Hawaii is dedicated to offering top quality products with competitive prices and first class customer service. This includes the labor intensive process to register the carts as LSV (Low Speed Vehicles).



To meet the street legal requirements for the State of Hawaii, all carts must come equipped with safety features including lights and seat belts, but most importantly, needs to have a VIN number issued by the manufacturer. You cannot upgrade an older cart that wasn’t built with a VIN number from the factory.

Additional fees are required to register and plate a cart in Maui County, including paying the state import tax, registration fees, safety inspection charge, and providing temporary insurance coverage. Please note the process takes 3-4 weeks and costs an additional $1095 per cart. Golf Cart Hawaii will complete this process for you before the final sale of the cart upon request so your cart will be delivered or picked up ready to, legally, hit the roads.

Pictured below, Evolution Low Speed Vehicles going through the legalization process.

One of Golf Cart Hawaii’s 2022 Evolution Classic 4 AC Plus Low Speed Vehicles returning from final safety inspection.

Our Street Legal Golf Carts are without compromise. These carts come standard with Front wheel brakes, ample seating for up to four adults. Evolution carts are the quickest Golf Cart in production, capable of accelerating from zero to 25 miles per hour in 5 seconds!


For more information on purchasing options for a street legal Evolution Golf Cart please contact Golf Cart Hawaii Sales at (808)-871-5051.

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